Our industries

Whatever your type of merchandise, we have the equipment needed to respond to your requests, and, as for full load transport (FLT) or partial (LTL).


We deliver construction material everywhere in Quebec, Canada, and the United States. Our truckers are used to these terrains and quite knowledgeable when it comes to delivering these various materials.


Our team has been working jointly with the forestry industry for years. We have what it takes to transport any wood products. Trust us! We’ve got you covered!


Thanks to our top of the line technological equipment, we can transport your merchandise safely. Furthermore, our team is highly qualified when it comes to medical transportation and is known for its reputable expertise in the field.


We can transport your merchandise anywhere in Canada and the United States, whether it’s a full truckload (TL) or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). We’ll even manage the logistics of your transport to ensure the best service possible.

Wind Turbine Equipment

We are aware of the up and coming challenges in regards to the energy efficiency plans and we’re here to help. We’ll ensure that your cargo of wind turbine equipment reaches its destination safely. What a beneficial industry for our future!


We’ve been transporting furniture for many years. Our closed trailers are perfect for this. Plus, the handling and storing procedures applied by our team will ensure that your furniture is safe and unscathed.


We transport paper products for various companies on a regular basis. We’ll manage the logistics of your transport based on your needs. Call us!

Agricultural Equipment

Our flatbed and drop deck trailers are ideal for transporting agricultural equipment. Throughout the years, our team has become experts in this transportation category. Refer to us for trusted services.

Glass Transportation

Transporting glass can be very risky given the vulnerability and fragility of the material. Our expert team can assure that your glass will be transported efficiently and safely. Trust us. You won’t have to worry about a thing.


Whether it’s for the transportation, or the loading and unloading of your merchandise, certain transports are considered nonstandard. Our team offers personalised solutions that will meet your needs and expectations.

Industrial Equipment

Our trailers are equipped to transport industrial equipment. We can deliver your equipment anywhere in Canada and the United States, regardless of the business type.


Cold or dry, we can transport any food shipment by simply adjusting and regulating the temperature of our trailers. Thanks to our controlled temperature trailers, your food shipments will arrive fresh and in perfect condition.


Pharmaceutical transportation requires a lot of surveillance when it’s being moved. At Transport Gilmyr, we can assure that all of your products are kept in optimal temperature-controlled conditions. Trust us. The temperature will be on point. Don’t hesitate to call us!


Our trusted team transports all types of metal materials with great safety and care. We respect transportation regulations rigorously in order to provide you with an effortless delivery.

Residual Materials

Our trailers are fully equipped to handle the transportation of residual materials. Take a load off your shoulders and let us deal with this responsibility.

Hazardous Materials Canada

We transport hazardous materials throughout Canada. Our employees proceed with care and always respect safety regulations. All of our drivers are certified by Transport Canada to Transport Dangerous Goods (TDG).